COVID-19 Resources

A Message from our CEO

Our communities are experiencing unprecedented circumstances due to the spread of COVID-19. Our hearts go out to all the families affected by this pandemic and the subsequent “stay at home order” which has disrupted all our lives and businesses. We also extend our gratitude to all the front-line healthcare workers, first responders and public service professionals that are working tirelessly to keep us safe. Thank you from all of us.

EV Construction has always been a leader in construction site safety. We are also committed to extending our leadership in safety to the greater construction industry. Although there are major differences, we see our response to COVID-19 as another opportunity to continue our leadership in the area of health and safety. EV Construction is actively working on critical project sites thought the COVID-19 crisis, so this focus on safety is even more critical to the health of our team and our trade partners. We are committed to sharing ideas, strategies and resources with the greater construction community.

To our employees, their families and to the community, we want to say that EV Construction is doing its part to flatten the curve while keeping our critical infrastructure functioning. Above all, we want everyone to return safely to their families every day. COVID-19 has not changed this commitment.

Mike Novakoski
President and CEO

EV Construction to Re-start All Construction Activities on May 7, 2020

The construction industry faces safety challenges every day. We are accustomed to the process of recognizing risks, planning accordingly, and implementing protections for our workers, partners, and customers. We are thankful to start re-engaging all construction activities on May 7th, per the Executive Order of our Governor. As we re-engage, we are bringing new regulations, programs, and guidelines to all of our project sites, both large and small. Our workers are outfitted with the proper protective equipment, and the project sites are outfitted with appropriate sanitization and personal hygiene equipment. We are ready and equipped to continue building our communities, and re-energizing our economy through the important work of construction.

It has always been the policy of EV Construction that any employee or trade partner who feels he or she is in an unsafe situation has the right to stop work. This commitment remains during the COVID-19 crisis and the re-engagement of our industry. If you observe any unsafe situation involving an employee, trade partner, or other operation of EV Construction, please report this to our office at 616.392.2383.

Thank you and stay safe,
Tony Roussey
COO and Corporate Safety Director


Project Site Resources
Recommended Policies and Best Practices Related to COVID-19
Employee Screening Form
CDC Reference Material

Resources for our Partners
Sample Communicable Illness Response Plan
Positive Exposure Preparedness Plan
Communication and Response Flow Chart

Project Site Supplies
CDC’s “Use of Cloth Face Masks” – How to Properly Wear and Create
Health and Wellness Site Signage – ARC
Coronavirus Signage – Signs by Tomorrow