COVID-19 Resources

A Message from our CEO

We have changed our operations significantly in the past months in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. While operations have changed, our commitment to safety has not. We have implemented protocols to keep our team members, partners and clients safe on the project site and in our offices. We have created new tools to support these protocols and shared them with the community. We are proud of the efforts of our team and the cooperation we have received from our partners and clients.

We also know that the work is not over. EV Construction remains committed to operating safely no matter what course the virus takes. We will continue to react quickly and adapt to the situation. We will also continue our commitment to the safety of all the individuals we interact with. As we adapt, we will continue to share our best practices and tools with our partners and the public. We believe in the power of collaboration and sharing, especially in times of need.
EV Construction wishes all the best to our community, our country and our world as we fight COVID-19.

Mike Novakoski
President and CEO

EV Construction at 100% operations

Since May 2020, EV Construction has been operating at 100% and full employment. We are thankful for the opportunity to continue serving our clients and building a better community through our projects. Our operational teams have implemented safety measures on the project site to keep individuals safe from COVID-19. We strive everyday to make our project site safe, clean and efficient for our team members and trade partners.

It has always been the policy of EV Construction that any employee or trade partner who feels he or she is in an unsafe situation has the right to stop work. This commitment remains during the COVID-19 crisis and the re-engagement of our industry. If you observe any unsafe situation involving an employee, trade partner, or other operation of EV Construction, please report this to our office at 616.392.2383.

Thank you and stay safe,
Tony Roussey
COO and Corporate Safety Director


Project Site Resources
Recommended Policies and Best Practices Related to COVID-19
Employee Screening Form
CDC Reference Material

Resources for our Partners
Sample Communicable Illness Response Plan
Positive Exposure Preparedness Plan
Communication and Response Flow Chart

Project Site Supplies
CDC’s “Use of Cloth Face Masks” – How to Properly Wear and Create
Health and Wellness Site Signage – ARC
Coronavirus Signage – Signs by Tomorrow