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Elzinga & Volkers Commits to Keeping West Michigan Safe

HOLLAND, Mich. (June 22, 2018) — Companies that invest their time and resources into volunteering see a higher rate of employee satisfaction and are viewed as a trustworthy, approachable partner in the communities they serve. Elzinga & Volkers, an award-winning construction safety organization, has a team of dedicated employees equipped with extensive safety knowledge and they are ready to share their education by supporting nonprofits and building a safer community for all.

Beginning in July, E&V employees will have the opportunity to donate money directly to a fund via payroll deductions that will be used for supporting nonprofits in a unique way.

“We’re experts in safety and we live it every day,” said Mike Novakoski, president and CEO of Elzinga & Volkers. “Instead of giving back in a traditional way, we are doing it the E&V way; unmistakably. Safety isn’t just a construction issue, it can be a concern in many industries which is why we wanted our employee service program to be related to safety, it’s what we do best.”

Instead of sponsoring an event, asking employees to donate to a certain cause or aligning community members with safety courses, E&V is identifying nonprofits who need assistance with safety procedures and helping to fund those programs. The company’s first opportunity will be with Bethany Christian Services, a global nonprofit committed to bringing and keeping families together, to certify foster parents in CPR and first aid. Bethany provides services including adoption and foster care, has multiple West Michigan locations and has touched multiple lives in the E&V family.

The cost of training a foster care family in First Aid and CPR is $52.00, each employee who donates one dollar per pay check over the course of the next year will provide training for one family.
“Elzinga & Volkers has been a staple in West Michigan for many years,” said Chris Hulett, foster care licensing program manager for Bethany Christian Services. “We have seen the impact they’ve had on the community and we are so grateful for their support. Up to 100 foster families will receive the CPR and first aid training required to keep foster children placed in their safe care.”

Working with Bethany is just the beginning of E&V’s work in this space. With a continued commitment to community and safety, E&V hopes to further their efforts and work with additional nonprofits in 2019.

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