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Ridge Point Community Church - Community Focused Improvements

This past June, EV Construction began “boots on the ground” activity for a growing, yet already robust church in our community. Ridge Point Community Church’s project needs consisted of various exterior improvements to the church’s property, including playgrounds, sports areas and an amphitheater. In total, six acres of property were developed. Also included in the scope were interior modifications to the building to increase connection to the new outdoor amenities.

Ridge Point Community Church’s dream for the 160-acre property that the church resides on is that the community fully utilizes it as a resource for their families, groups and organizations. The church wants people to see this place as a positive influence that helps to make their lives and families relationally, physically and spiritually better.

RPCC believes that families in West Michigan are looking for opportunities to be active and experience the outdoors in a variety of ways. The concept for this outdoor project came out of the idea that they want to offer this place as a seven-day-a-week resource for family and community members. The church is adding an amphitheater for outdoor concerts, natural scape playground, updated hiking trails, basketball and pickle ball courts, picnic areas and much more for the purpose of being a blessing to our community.

RPCC’s hope is that once the project is complete, families from our community will invite friends for playdates at the new playground, enjoy nature walks by the river, play basketball and pickle ball at the courts, enjoy concerts at the amphitheater and take advantage of many more activities that the newly renovated 160-acres will provide. Attending weekend gatherings at the church is also a fantastic way to explore your own spiritual journey and be part of a vibrant community of people.

The Ridge Point Community Church project is scheduled for completion at the end of November. Come November 1st, the newly developed and improved site will be open to the community (weather dependent). In the interim though, RPCC does still offer weekend services and welcomes all to join. EV Construction and RPCC has worked to maintain a safe physical space for weekend services to continue meeting.

Ridge Point Community Church is located at 340-104th Avenue in Holland.

Contributed By: Betsy Maxwell, Communications Coordinator (RPCC)
Edited By: Jill Monte, Marketing Coordinator (EV Construction)

Ride Point Community Church EV Construction Faith Based Outdoor Improvement Family Steel Sitework Amphitheater
Ride Point Community Church EV Construction Faith Based Outdoor Improvement Family Steel Sitework Amphitheater
Ridge Point Community Church EV Construction