In the NewsDecember 5

The right way isn’t always the easy way

As those of you in the construction industry know, safety is a daily battle. Internally, it is something that we fight — what if safe work practices get in the way of efficiency? What’s more important, safety or schedule? Do we only worry about ourselves, or do we ensure that others in our company also are working safely?

We are our brother’s keeper and we work with these people day in and day out. We know their spouses, their kids and their community involvement. The loss would be personal.

More so, are we obligated to look after trades personnel working on our site? What is the cost? It’s not time-lost cost if we do, but life cost if we don’t. Also, what if we kick them off the site for not following protocol and they are fired by their employer? Is that on us? We may feel guilt, but wouldn’t we feel more guilt if they were seriously injured or killed in an accident that may have been preventable? What is the moral and ethical obligation?

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