Community InitiativesJanuary 31

Elzinga & Volkers Invests in Construction Industry with Super Bowl Charity Effort

HOLLAND, Mich. (Jan. 31, 2017) — Elzinga & Volkers (E&V), a leading provider of construction management services, will be providing support to construction-related workforce development organizations this year through their third annual “Checks for Charity” program.

The construction industry has been facing a skilled labor shortage in West Michigan and beyond. E&V is working tirelessly to inspire growth and motivate change so this is no longer an issue. Through this year’s “Checks for Charity” program, E&V is hoping to add extra excitement to Super Bowl game day for several agencies that support workforce development.

To determine which organizations will receive donations through the “Checks for Charity” program, E&V is hosting a Super Bowl Squares contest, whereby the organization listed in the square featuring the score at the end of each quarter will receive a monetary donation. Each of the 20 workforce development organizations and programs included in the competition have been given five random spaces on the game board. There will be four prizes totaling $2,500. First, second and third quarter winners will be awarded $500 apiece. The final score winner will be awarded $1,000.

“We are thrilled this year to use our efforts to invest in skilled construction trades and give back to the organizations that help support the industry,” said Mike Novakoski, president and CEO of Elzinga & Volkers. “In order to make it fun and interactive for these programs and organizations, we will be shipping a physical game board to these groups and providing live updates through our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts during the Super Bowl. This way, the organizations can sit back and enjoy the game.”

Twenty construction-related workforce development organizations and programs hold squares for the chance at a donation, including:

• GRCC Workforce Training
• Greater Michigan Construction Academy
• KCTC Applied Construction Technology Program
• Academy for Design and Construction (GRPS)
• Jump Start – ABC Western Michigan
• MiCareerQuest
• Construction Middle School Camps
• Urban League
• Ottawa CareerLine Tech Center
• Literacy Center of West Michigan
• Hispanic Chamber
• Homeless Angels
• FSU CM Program
• MSU CM Program
• WMU Construction Engineering Program
• MTU CM Program
• NMU CM Program
• Muskegon Career Tech
• JobReady- Michigan Works Program

“There are currently 500,000 open construction jobs in America that need to be filled,” said Jen Schottke, vice president of workforce development for ABC Western Michigan. “Construction industry data indicates that every $1 invested in a project’s training budget results in a corresponding benefit of at least $3. By investing in workforce development initiatives with their Super Bowl squares project, Elzinga & Volkers is making a difference in the lives of construction professionals of today and tomorrow.”

Follow E&V’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages for real-time updates on winners and scores during Super Bowl Sunday, February 4. Join the conversation using #EVsuperbowlsquares2018.