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EV Construction Takes OSHA's Safe + Sound Week Pledge

Workplace safety and health are of paramount importance to any organization, regardless of its size or industry. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) understands this, which is why it initiated the annual “Safe + Sound Week” campaign. This week-long event aims to raise awareness about the significance of workplace safety, inspire businesses to implement effective safety programs and celebrate the successes achieved in preventing workplace injuries and illnesses. Holland-based EV Construction, is the first West Michigan Construction Manager to sign the Safe + Sound pledge promising to make safety a core workplace value.

Safe + Sound Week, slated for August 7-13 for 2023, is a nationwide initiative organized by OSHA in partnership with numerous safety and health organizations. The campaign encourages employers and workers to come together to recognize the value of workplace safety programs and to ensure everyone returns home safe and sound at the end of each workday.

The primary objective of Safe + Sound Week is to foster proactive approaches to identifying and preventing workplace hazards. By focusing on prevention and creating a culture of safety, businesses can reduce workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities while improving overall productivity and employee morale.

Key Components of Safe + Sound Week

  1. Management Leadership: Strong and visible management commitment to workplace safety sets the tone for a positive safety culture. Executives and managers are encouraged to lead by example and actively participate in safety initiatives.
  2. Worker Participation: Workers’ involvement is critical for the success of any safety program. Their insights and experiences can help identify potential hazards and develop practical solutions to mitigate risks.
  3. Hazard Identification and Prevention: Employers are urged to conduct regular hazard assessments and implement preventive measures to eliminate or minimize workplace hazards.
  4. Education and Training: Providing employees with the necessary training and resources to perform their jobs safely is fundamental to creating a safe work environment.
  5. Program Evaluation and Improvement: Regular evaluation of safety programs helps identify areas of improvement and ensures that safety efforts remain effective and relevant.

At EV Construction, safety is second-to-none. In addition to taking the pledge, EV Construction will participate in Safe + Sound Week with the theme of “Find It-Fix It”. Internally, the company has three safety initiatives they will emphasize more during the week.

  1. Baker Scaffolding – EV’s field personnel recently noticed the bolts securing the wheels on baker scaffolding were coming loose, which is a major safety concern. Team members have been working through using nylon nuts and bolts in their place which has helped to keep them secure. To ensure none are missed, each project site is picking a day during Safe + Sound Week to go through all their scaffolding to check for and replace bolts, and then report back on how many they found/replaced.

Trade partners will be strongly encouraged to participate in this exercise as well.

  1. Good Catch Reporting – Field managers will be asked to each submit at least one good catch report from each of their respective project sites by the end of Safe + Sound Week.
  2. Call to Action – EV Construction will encourage our trade partners to take the OSHA Safe + Sound pledge, as well as set focus areas fitting for their trade.

Workplace safety is a shared responsibility that requires collaboration between employers and employees. OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week serves as a reminder of the critical importance of creating a safe work environment. By encouraging a proactive approach to safety and health, this annual campaign helps organizations of all sizes and industries protect their most valuable assets—their workers. Embracing Safe + Sound Week is not only a legal and moral obligation, but it also makes sound business sense, resulting in improved productivity, reduced costs and a positive company reputation.

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