BlogJanuary 8

EV Construction’s Facilities Services Division Celebrates 500th Project

HOLLAND, Mich., Jan. , 2024 — The construction industry enjoyed a significant boom in 2023, and as economic experts predict a return to more normal levels of spending and building in 2024, businesses will be seeking avenues to maximize their new assets. EV Construction announced this week that its Facilities Services Division (FSD) has completed more than 670 projects and is valued at nearly $17 million since 2020.

EV Construction’s Facilities Services Division provides nationwide building services encompassing maintenance and service agreements, on-call emergency services, and renovations. The division was created in 2011 in the wake of the Great Recession; because many large capital projects were paused at the time due to financial instability, businesses and building owners had to maintain and make minor renovations or repairs to their existing assets. A similar increase in demand for FSD services occurred in 2020 and 2021, when the pandemic halted many construction projects and mired others in supply chain woes.

The launch of EV’s Facilities Services Division underscored the company’s motto, “Built Around People,” as it enabled the company to retain as many employees as possible during the economic downturn. FSD’s dedicated 11-member staff is complemented by more than 100 qualified tradespeople across six different disciplines, allowing the division to temporarily expand to meet customers’ more robust needs without significant delays.

“I am incredibly proud of our Facilities Services Division staff, who work tirelessly – often around the clock – to provide best-in-class maintenance and other services,” said Brad Loomans, who joined EV Construction in 2020 as Director of Facilities Services and has since doubled the division’s revenue. “Their commitment to building strong relationships with our clients is the key to FSD’s success; a small renovation or repair project, executed perfectly, often leads to larger FSD projects and even opens the door to larger projects for the company as a whole.”

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