BlogJanuary 31

Quality control programs will reduce warranty risk

Across many industries and building types, the pace of construction projects is increasing due to the high demand for new space.

Without a strict plan for quality control and assurance, accelerating the construction process can lead to mistakes and costly warranty work. Repairs following a building opening can be expensive, disruptive and, in many cases, difficult to accomplish. Reducing warranty calls through a systematic approach to quality control is good for the building owner, the contractor and the trades.

Training is key. Some of the best training any company can utilize is from its own team members. A recent survey of our employees showed most of our seasoned workforce desire opportunities to pass along their skills to the next generation. The combined years of experience within our trade divisions is staggering. Internally, we have access to a wealth of knowledge, which is an invaluable resource. Actively supporting training and mentorship to educate the next generation should be encouraged by employers. There is no better training ground than the ever-changing environment of an active construction site. Teaching real-time, hands-on training from one team member to another is a critical part of any quality management program.

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