BlogMarch 10

EV Construction almost doubles national average of women on their payroll.

As recently as 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that only 13% of payroll employees in the construction industry are women. EV Construction is shattering that percentage. With 28 female employees on their payroll, the company’s labor force is over 25% (25.9) female. Titles held by those women include the likes of chief financial officer, director of corporate trades, division manager, project manager, safety coordinator and many more. Equally as impressive, additional titles held by these women include painter and firestopping technician. Women, who like their male counterparts, day-in and day-out don their hard hats, boots, safety glasses and gloves to help deliver high-quality projects to our eager clients.

Although we believe that Women in Construction Week is a time to recognize all of the women we have on our team, for this piece, we’d like to focus on those with full-time boots on the ground.

Meet Rhea Estrada. Rhea is an apple that didn’t fall far from the family tree. She was referred to the company by her father, George Martinez. Rhea joined the company in January of 2021, and she has quickly learned a lot about the painting trade. She has an eye for quality, is organized, focused and knows how to keep work moving forward. Outside of business hours, Rhea is working toward a degree in Civil Engineering.

Julisa Duran worked alongside our painting division as a supplemental contractor at Bronson South Haven Hospital. Her work ethic stood out to our team. As the project was wrapping up, Julisa was seeking more consistent work and EV extended an opportunity for her to join our team officially. She makes her mark everywhere she goes with her contagious energy and hustle that many cannot keep up with. Since being hired in, Julisa has expanded our team by referring her cousins Jennifer and Mariano.

Jennifer Rodriguez-Duran, cousin of Julisa as mentioned above, has been with the company for almost a year. Jennifer has been recognized by others for her eye for quality, high productivity and work ethic. She has also taken a few opportunities to join our national team and worked on projects in Las Vegas and Milwaukee. Though Jennifer may seem quiet at first, she has a funny side that brings lightheartedness and humor to each of her project sites!

Yulissa Andrade has been working at EV as a Firestop Technician for almost two years. She did not have a construction background herself, but her father and brother work frequently with EV as trade partners. They encouraged her to entertain an opportunity to join our firestopping trade division because they felt EV was a great company to work for. Yulissa has excelled in her role in the Firestop Division. She is known for always having a smile on her face, an incredible work ethic and a passion for learning.

Mililani Sanchez is brand new to the EV team, starting just a month ago. She was referred by Yulissa. She has an upbeat personality and has fit right in with the painting crew. We look forward to giving her the EV experience and watching her as she grows with the company!

And last, but certainly not least, Yesenia Alvarez rounds out our female field workforce. She joined EV’s Firestop Division as a technician in August of 2020. Prior to joining EV, she was working with a trade partner on one of our project sites as supplemental labor. Yesenia saw an opportunity to join EV as a full-time employee, which allowed her a more consistent and guaranteed work schedule. Over the past two years, she has worked to expand her knowledge of the construction industry and, specifically, the firestop trade. As a working mother, she has expressed gratitude for EV’s willingness to tailor a work schedule that fits with her personal life.

In a traditionally male-dominated industry that is often plagued by stereotypes, EV Construction feels blessed to break the mold and set a better standard. We know each of our team members brings unique qualities and traits that better the team on a daily basis. In honor of Women in Construction week, we thank each of the women who make up over a quarter of the EV team for their hard work and dedication year over year.

By Jill Monte, Marketing Coordinator with contributions from Layna O’Connor, Firestopping Division Manager and Rachel Austin, Director of Corporate Trades