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Facility Services for Projects of All Sizes and Scopes

EV Construction maintains its own Facilities Services Division (FSD). The FSD was created specifically to meet the needs of small to mid-sized projects and maintenance needs. Whether it’s a simple door replacement or a multi-location national roll-out, our FSD expertly matches the individual talents of our staff to the requirements of the project so we can quickly deliver a high-quality result.

We provide skilled tradespeople to maintain and drive the performance, lifespan and ultimately the value of our client’s physical assets. We’re different from our competitors because we have the ability to self-perform services rather than rely solely on trade contracting. Our emphasis on safety and sustainable practices can help our clients meet social responsibility goals.

We are experienced in a diverse market segment across the U.S., which enables us to provide tailored services to sites of all sizes, from neighborhood schools to the largest and most complex facilities, like manufacturing plants and healthcare centers.

Our specialized project management team affords clients economies of scale, ease of administration and the simplicity and convenience of a single point of contact and source of responsibility.

Facilities services personnel are trained in project management, leasehold tenant improvements, interior finish upgrades and maintenance, roof and flooring repair, facility audits, national and regional roll-outs, upgrading for USDA and FDA sanitation standards, adding and renovating production lines and production space and 24-hour emergency service.

Our clients often have multiple locations in need of renovation, remodeling, or resetting – within condensed time frames. The renovation of multiple locations can be very time-consuming, and we know time is money. Our team has extensive experience executing varied work scopes over wide geographical areas within tight time frames.

Specifically, some recent work for the department has included changing out a lockset for a client, completing ten bathroom renovations in a local plant and adjusting doors at a facility that were causing alarm issues due to incorrect installation. On a larger scale, our team may complete an office renovation or tenant improvement which allows us to showcase the larger capabilities of our company.

Clients that start with our FSD team can oftentimes turn into larger clients. Brad Loomans, Senior FSD Project Manager, shares about one of these instances, “I had received a call to quote a small office space addition. Once I was onsite, I was introduced to three additional project managers who had other projects they also needed quoting. I was able to spend time answering questions about what EV can do and how we could help. We are now providing nearly $500,000 worth of project work that began in the fall of 2021 and carried over into 2022.”

And if the backlog is indicative of success, EV’s FSD is bar none. The FSD team meets weekly to best schedule resources for their projects, but always knows that the chance for an “audible” is high. Often, the FSD team has an emergency, or a high-priority project interjects itself into the schedule, and necessary team members quickly switch gears to accommodate the immediate need.

Our FSD has performed work for numerous global and national companies including Yangeng, Grifols, Gordon’s, Cintas, Wolverine Worldwide and more. Does your company need a resource for ongoing maintenance support and emergency services? Check out the EV Facilities Services Division website and keep us in mind for your next project.

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