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The Risk and Reward of Self-Performing Trades

EV Construction is more than a construction manager; we are builders. Our team of over 100 professionals performs a wide variety of trade work. Of the 100 field professionals who we have on staff, sixty-six of them are laborers who work in one of seven, self-perform trade divisions. We have teams of men and women that perform interior framing and finishes, painting, firestopping, sitework and excavation, selective demolition, steel fabrication and erection and carpentry.

Not all construction management companies employ self-perform labor. Some companies focus solely on project management and keep their number of boots-on-the-ground personnel to a minimum. Other companies may have one in-house trade, maybe concrete or steel. Rarely is it that a construction management firm would cover the scopes of seven self-performed divisions as we do.

Some construction divisions also carry greater risk than others. For example, an employee topping off a final beam on a 20-story hotel, working on a ninety-degree, humid day with the sun shining right on him, is more likely to experience an injury than a person caulking windows inside a temperature-controlled senior living facility.

Additionally, managing profit, staff and quality in that many sectors is a feat. Managing workforce calendars and calculating out profit margins is not for the faint of heart; it oftentimes takes a lot of finessing to get the right people in the right place at the right time. So, why do we do it?

We do it for our clients.

We know the extensive training that our staff undergoes. Our team members know that taking a little longer on the project to ensure everything is done to standard, far outweighs the potential cost of an accident or quality issue. We know that our staff practices the best safety and quality methods in the industry and that they will unmistakably complete each project.

More so, when using our EV Construction personnel, we are better able to manage the budget and schedule. Since everything is in-house, our team can watch the schedule closely and move around manpower when and where needed. We can track the budget closely and communicate with our project owners about available alternates that will help keep them on track.

Even when we don’t employ our staff on a project, our team brings value through accurate cost estimating and complex problem-solving. We are able to recognize discrepancies in bid submissions or an error in take-off. We can advise on the schedule and workforce needs.

Though we generally view using our self-perform trades as a value-add for our clients, we also know that at times we are better served by going out to the market. EV Construction is blessed with an innumerable amount of highly-qualified, skilled trade partners who may be a better fit for some projects. On each project that could have the potential for self-perform trades, we weigh our options. Can we staff the project? Can we be profitable on this project? Does it make sense to self-perform or should we solicit our trade partners? There are countless variables that go into each decision when determining a project team to set-up the project for success. Sometimes, that means using our own labor force, and other times it means employing a trusted partner.

Do you have a project coming up? Need help setting a baseline cost? Let our team guide you through the process.


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